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"You" as a Service

Get apps working together in new ways or simply create one. Share with the world, friends and colleagues, or just yourself.

Users just click.

aapi makes connecting as easy as a social media post.

Making it easy to create, use, and share apps and services

Aggregate your data and share
with your friends, colleagues, or the world

Provide your APIs "as a Service" to your business
Security, Marketing, Operations, ____________

Automate flows of information between your apps
Connect ____________ with ____________

Create and share new serverless microservices
…in seconds …securely

Manage and secure ALL of your APIs and integrations
internal and external

Create Services

Create, run, and share apps and services easily and securely.

Create and share them with whoever you want - securely.

Just Click

Use apps and services easily and securely.

Friends, colleagues or the world can connect with just a click.

We help you do six things with apps and integrations:


Just click.


With or without code.


Press a button and go "serverless".


Publish to friends, colleagues, or the world.


All of your apps, integrations, and APIs.


Every transaction with AI and adaptive.

Move to Microservices

the aapi platform includes:

  • Native Kubernetes support
  • API automation, integration, and management
  • DevOps friendly
  • Serverless functions
  • Advanced security and access control
  • Cloud, On-Premise, or Hybrid
Microservices platform for API automation, integration, and automation.

The aapi platform is the easiest way to migrate your legacy applications to a microservices architecture.

Ready to Review Your App and Integration Strategy?

We're here to help. Simply request a consultation or contact sales directly. We'll show you how to architect and integrate yourself into a competitive advantage.

aap•i    /'apÄ“/   


  1. "You" as a Service

    "aapi enabled our security team to combine a number of different organizational security services and offer 'Security as a Service' to other teams and our partners"

    synonyms: none

  2. The best way to create, run, and share apps and integrations

    "John, our backend dev, used aapi to quickly create and deploy code, while Eve in marketing automated an integration between Gmail and Mailchimp with drag and drop ease"

    synonyms: none

Start Workflows from Any App

Any event can trigger your aapilet workflow


When an attachment is sent to my Gmail

Automatically link Apps together

Once started, automate actions, aggregate data, or build functions easily.


Copy the attachment from Gmail to Box

Simple and Flexible Drag and Drop Setup

Drag, drop, automate. No limitations. Build simple or complex workflows in no time!


Send a Slack message about the new Box file

aapi empowers any user to create fantastic applications that drive digital business.


  1. Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

    "Ariana integrated four APIs in record time - she sure looks aapi!"

    synonyms: happy, fortunate, lucky, favorable, advantageous, opportune, timely, well timed, convenient