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What does aapi do?

Provides the backbone for your digital business to connect EVERYTHING

aapi is the next generation integration platform, built on security, that provides everything needed whether consuming, publishing, or automating data.

Enterprise Service Bus Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) API Management Integration Software as a Service (iSaaS)

aapi unifies the technologies of hybrid integration platforms (HIP) with a flexible and open framework to remove boundaries and power ALL of your integration needs.

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Why aapi?

Don't limit yourself. Remove the boundaries on you and your business with the complete and standardized framework of the aapi platform.

aapi Others
Integrated IPaaS, ISaaS, APIM, and ESB Yes No
Standardization Open Closed
Pre-Built Connectors 3500+ "Hundreds"
Potential Connectors Unlimited Limited
Security Next Generation Minimal
Performance Optimized Basic
All User Types Yes No

Start fresh or migrate away from your legacy solutions today!

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Don't code - drag and drop!

Whether configuring an automated work flow for your kubernetes environment or syncing data from Salesforce to SAP or setting up a security policy for the APIs your developers consume data from or publishing your data to your consumers, aapi makes your data integrations a snap.

But if you want to code, we provide SDKs in virtually every programming language for your APIs of choice.

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The Only Enterprise Grade API Security

Security is the #1 challenge to APIs.

API breaches have become commonplace.

ONLY aapi provides predictive analytics and threat protection during EVERY transaction.

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Built for Collaboration

APIs aren't the only thing we connect.

We help you build your digital business community.

Consumers, management, developers, devops, security, citizen integrators, and partners will all find the success they need.

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aapi Explained