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Okta API

Okta API 0.6.0

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The Okta API is a versioned API. Okta reserves the right to add new parameters, properties, or resources to the API without advance notice. These updates are considered non-breaking and the compatibility rules below should be followed to ensure your application does not break. Breaking changes such as removing or renaming an attribute will be released as a new version of the API. Okta will provide a migration path for new versions of APIs and will communicate timelines for end-of-life when deprecating APIs.
Company Okta
App Description Okta is the leading independent provider of identity for the enterprise. The Okta Identity Cloud connects and protects employees of many of the world's largest enterprises. It also securely connects enterprises to their partners, suppliers and customers. With deep integrations to over 5,000 applications, the Okta Identity Cloud enables simple and secure access for any user from any device. Thousands of customers, including 20th Century Fox, Adobe, Dish Networks, Experian, Flex, LinkedIn, and News Corp, trust Okta to help them work faster, boost revenue and stay secure. Okta helps customers fulfill their missions faster by making it safe and easy to use the technologies they need to do their most significant work.
Github URL
API Name Okta API
API Version 0.6.0
API Hostname
API Documentation
OpenAPI/Swagger File Download
OpenAPI/Swagger Type 2.0
OpenAPI/Swagger Format JSON
API Client Library / SDK