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Building an API Integration Platform for your Digital Business Strategy

APIs Drive Your Digital Business Technology is both driving strategic decision-making, with its ability to automate and simplify business processes, improve customer relationships, enhance productivity, monetize intellectual property, and reap cost savings. According to IDG’s Digital Business Survey, 89% of enterprises have plans to adopt or have already adopted a digital-first business strategy. The use of technology […]

The Time to Secure Your API Is Now

Ask anyone in your enterprise what’s the most important criteria in measuring the success of your API’s and the response will be performance, performance, performance. The planning, design, implementation, publication, operation, and consumption of your API’s is all done with the end game of performance in mind. So where does security fit into that equation? […]

aapi Inc. Announces Advanced Security for APIs - via GlobeNewsWire

aapi Inc. Announces Advanced Security for APIs – via GlobeNewsWire

Thank you, GlobeNewsWire for this Press Release. See what they have to say about what we’re doing below: aapi, the secure API Integration platform, has announced another technology first in the API sector. For the first time with any API integration solution, the enterprise now can protect every API transaction in real time with adaptive […]