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aapi announces serverless functions as a solution OR a service

Easily set API calls, conditions, and logic.

aapi announces serverless functions as a solution OR a service

  • Building on its groundbreaking “no code” functions, aapi now creates, runs, and manages serverless Golang functions as a service or a solution in any environment.
  • With a native integration to Kubernetes, aapi offers organizations an agnostic tool for their current “Container as a Service” investment empowering everyday users to drive digital transformation and drastically reduce costs with serverless functions.
  • The aapi platform provides true full lifecycle microservice and API management through innovation of essential API technologies.

November 28, 2018 07:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

IRVINE, CA – (BUSINESS WIRE) – aapi, the Microservice Building Company, today announced a groundbreaking addition to its microservice builder to further solidify the aapi platform as the premier microservice, API and integration solution for modern enterprises. For the first time, microservices can be created with OR without code by everyday users using a serverless model – in any environment.

Recognized for consolidating API technologies and infusing next-generation security directly within every transaction, this evolution of the aapi platform helps organizations accelerate their digital transformation. “aapi was designed to specifically address microservice creation and deployment issues brought on by the ever expanding and hybrid environments that Kubernetes enables” stated aapi CEO Craig Lund.

Craig added, “Our customers are benefiting from everyday users creating microservices with AND without code directly within their environment of choice, seeing accelerated time-to-value, while continuing to reap the ROI and management rewards of merging API technologies.” aapi combines API Management (APIM), Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), Integration Software as a Service (iSaaS), and classic on-prem solutions into a homogenous “Hybrid Integration Platform” (HIP), with advanced security technologies built within.

Tim Arvanites, CTO of aapi, states “The Netflix/microservice model of decoupling your infrastructure enables organizations to not only scale better and reduce technical debt, but to continually iterate and meet new demands.” Tim added, “aapi takes this concept to the next level by empowering every user to intuitively create and deploy microservices while removing the underlying management complexity.”

The aapi platform is available now for commercial release. For a free product trial, please visit or try serverless functions at the aapi Go playground at