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Download the aapi SDK Creator

Make connecting to the Marketo Lead Database API with Typescript (Angular1.x, Angular2.x, Fetch, jQuery, Node) easy! Start by downloading the SDK creator below and follow the 3 steps to aapi-ness.

The three steps to aapi-ness

  1. Register for your free aapi account and join our ever growing dev community.
  2. Add the Marketo Lead Database API, search for other APIs, and build your own API within the aapi console for simple management and analytics.
  3. Integrate your application easily with our Typescript (Angular1.x, Angular2.x, Fetch, jQuery, Node) SDK for the Marketo Lead Database API and SDKs for thousands of other APIs in over seventy programming languages through the aapi SDK Creator.



  • the quality or state of being aapi.
  • good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy.