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One Platform for all
your API Integrations

You have countless application and device integrations.

You've been told you need an API Management
solution, an ESB, and an IPaaS.

You don't. You just need the only
API integration platform that does it all.

The aapi way

You really only need one solution for your APIs. aapi is the only integration platform designed to work with ALL of your use cases.

  • API consumption
  • API publishing
  • Disparate user types and roles
  • Deployed anywhere
  • API Tools
  • Analytics
  • Security

The Legacy API Landscape

Every API is different ... and the average organization uses hundreds of APIs to both consume and publish data in various ways. With different API use cases, a number of different legacy integration architectures have arisen.

The 4 Common Integration Platform Architectures

Organizations have been forced to use multiple disparate technologies to solve their API use cases which result in inefficiencies with productivity, performance, ease of use and security.   

It’s no wonder that standardization and easier integration between tools have been the 2nd and 3rd most desired API challenges looking for a solution, after security.* 

aapi combines the technologies

The four legacy integration platform architectures have similar underlying technologies and mainly differ with publishing or consumption of APIs, the user type and role, and the deployment model.

aapi focused its design around the differences, with security at its core, to build:

  1. A flexible API gateway that can securely publish and consume APIs
  2. A centralized cloud environment to manage:
    1. API publishing AND consumption
    2. Disparate users and roles
    3. Analytics
    4. Security

The aapi latency eliminating API gateway can be deployed anywhere as your transaction intermediary - securely publishing or consuming data.

aapi cloud services centralize all configuration and management of users, keys, security, and analytics. We also host cloud API gateways in Azure, AWS, and Google.

One dashboard for all of your APIs with all
of their unique use cases

The aapi Integration Platform is built to make you successful. You have a lot of APIs. You don't need a lot of solutions to use them.