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The enterprise class platform for building applications with microservice architectures

  • Make microservices easy for creators AND your Ops team
  • Ensure high availability, redundancy, and scaling
  • Extensive support for APIs, CI/CD, and containerization
  • Native integrations with Docker, Kubernetes and Istio
  • Integrated access management with every microservice
  • Provide advanced security and analytics for every transaction

Serverless for the Enterprise

aapi is the only platform that brings serverless functions to the enterprise as a service OR as a solution. As a vendor agnostic solution with thousands of connectors that works in any environment aapi makes microservices easy to build, run, and share while minimizing the need for an operations team.

As the only serverless solution offered as SaaS, on-premise or hybrid, for the sole purpose of helping your organization build applications with a microservice architecture, you can save bundles over a "functions as a service" deployment.


Time to Market

Service creators can build and run services in minutes, without an ops team.


Threats are everywhere. Protect every microservice, API and integration with advanced security.


Flexibility to use your own logic or our prebuilt functions in your environment or ours - today or tomorrow.


Architected for instant spin ups and minimal response times make every transaction snappy.


Agile development, smaller services, individual contributors, and minimal ops drive creation.

Return on Investment

Save money and reduce costs.

Consolidation of Technologies

Combine essential API and integration technologies to optimize functionality and minimize administrative overhead.

Full Lifecycle Management

Full lifecycle and version management for APIs, integrations, and microservices.

aapi brings steps, functions, automation, serverless and publishing together in a single solution for your enterprise needs.

Run in any environment, with any service, and natively tying into Kubernetes and Istio environments to make operations easy, aapi makes microservices and serverless cost effective and easy for your organization.

How It Works

A full microservices architecture can potentially encompass thousands of individual microservices and aapi provides extensive support for APIs, CI/CD, and containerization in order to fully support large numbers of microservices.

As organizations build their microservices they are often burdened to implement additional API management, message-oriented middleware, and service directories in order to make their new architecture work. aapi provides all of these capabilities in addition to building and running microservices with ease.

Decoupling a monolith to microservices with full lifecycle management

aapi offers:

  • Developer portal
  • Manage and scale traffic
  • Publish and govern use
  • Access Control and Security
  • Monitor and analyze usage
  • Native Kubernetes Support
  • Role based user management
  • Centralized administration
  • Serverless anywhere
  • Versioning and discovery

Piecing together all of the disparate pieces needed to securely share your services, consume external services, and manage and govern usage is hard and affects performance. We’ve optimized it all for you into an intuitive solution to enable your users to contribute effortlessly, immediately.

Native Kubernetes Support

When used directly within your Kubernetes environment, the aapi platform enables:

  • Serverless microservice creation for devs and business users
  • Microservice management, access controls, security, and analytics
  • Automated Kubernetes service creation/deletion for microservices
  • Scaling of resources using Kubernetes
  • Full lifecycle management – including versioning and discovery
  • Support for Istio service mesh