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aapi Inc. Announces Advanced Security for APIs – via GlobeNewsWire

1) Securing your digital transformation

Thank you, GlobeNewsWire for this Press Release. See what they have to say about what we’re doing below:

aapi, the secure API Integration platform, has announced another technology first in the API sector. For the first time with any API integration solution, the enterprise now can protect every API transaction in real time with adaptive technologies including threat intelligence.

“This changes the game on API security,” stated Craig Lund Co-Founder and CEO of aapi. “For the first time organizations can evaluate context and intent behind every API transaction. The aapi platform provides enterprise grade security that intelligently assesses the who, what, when, where, why, and how of an API request to provide a suitable, tailored response. APIs simply have lacked appropriate access controls. No longer.”

Tim Arvanites, CTO and Co-Founder of aapi added, “With security at its core, and not just a feature, managing and securing all of an organization’s APIs has now become mind-numbingly easy. The aapi platform combines the previously siloed API integration solutions of IPaaS, ISaaS, ESB, and API Management into a single, intuitive, and secure platform. Our advanced security reduces organizational risk associated with APIs without compromising their performance. This is revolutionary technology that simply doesn’t exist in legacy API platforms.”

The aapi integration platform with advanced security is available now with a free trial at

About AAPI

aapi, the secure API integration platform, was designed specifically to ease integrations while securing every API. Combining previously siloed solutions for API development, API management, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), and Integration Platform as a Service (IPaaS) into a single platform gives organizations a standardized and easy way to connect, manage, and secure all of their APIs.

The aapi Integration Platform reduces cost, risk, complexity and API learning curves for all organizational APIs. Based in Irvine, CA, you can interact with the company:, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Article via GlobalNewsWire