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The Only Enterprise Grade
API Security Solution

Security is the #1 challenge to APIs.

API breaches have become commonplace.

Only aapi provides advanced threat protection
during EVERY transaction.

Security is the #1 challenge to APIs

In a recent API Survey* with 2329 organizational responses, security was cited as the leading challenge with APIs.

API breaches have become commonplace and the current API landscape has failed to provide adequate solutions.

APIs use a simple credential for access to resources in a manner similar to the single factor username and password combo of the user authentication world. With only a simple check for access to any and all data and no ability to force an out-of band second factor check, API security has lagged.

Security within the aapi Integration Platform checks for far more than simple credentials, during every transaction, to minimize risk.

The ONLY API solution that uses threat intelligence
for each and every transaction

A lot of vendors say they “secure” APIs. Usually this is some sort of a generic whitelist capability or protecting against a parameter attack that exploits vulnerabilities.

These legacy API solutions can't utilize a comprehensive API threat intelligence that continues to build using machine learning. ...and they certainly don’t provide the ability to provide dynamic security actions based on the context of each transaction.

  • aapi secures EVERY transaction using cutting edge adaptive technologies.
  • Before any transaction is complete.
  • Without affecting performance.
  • Period.

Legacy API solution architectures just can't do threat well

Going back to the earlier cited survey*, performance is the #1 way that organizations define an API's success.

In your opinion, what are the top three most
important characteristics you need in an API?


Current solutions to API security issues use a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to "add" security to APIs.  Unfortunately, adding a security service, like a Web Application Firewall, to legacy API solutions results in a weak, dumb, and slow solution that affects success.

At aapi, optimizing responsiveness is part of our creed.  Every design decision we make addresses the latencies of a transaction.  The aapi Integration Platform was specifically architected to secure each and every transaction without impacting latency and make every API a success.

Utilizing the best context to make the most appropriate security decisions in the least amount of time is what makes aapi the ONLY API integration platform that ensures true enterprise grade security.

Protecting against ALL attacks

The aapi integration platform is the only solution to protect against parameter attacks, man in the middle attacks, AND identity attacks.

Security made easy

Easily secure your APIs with the aapi Security Builder. With point and click configuration of your security policies, you can intuitively build security actions to be taken based on specific context presented during a transaction.

Or use the aapi security policy specification and design your security using YAML or JSON formats, manage it within your CI/CD process, and upload it directly to the aapi management portal.

    "Name": "IP Geolocation",
    "Matches": [
            "Name": "North America",
            "value": "us, ca, mx",
            "MatchType": "one-of",
            "goto": [