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Share your Apps

as easily as a social media post

"You" as a Service

Do you have an idea you, your team, or company want to share as services? Security apps? Marketing info? Images with Grandma?

aapi lets you create and publish those thoughts to friends, colleagues or the world with the click of a button.

Share services with whoever you would like.

Share with _______

Once created, share either directly or through your aapi webpage that lists your apps and services and makes them securely available to others.

Users just click to connect to your services

_______ just clicks

Once you have shared your app with your chosen peeps, they can connect to it by simply clicking a button.

Or maybe you don't want to share your data... Users can "fork" or copy your app from your service repository and make it their own - with their data.

"You" are Secure

We take your security and privacy very seriously...

Our world class security engine enables you or your team to ensure your information is always secure.