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Robert Phillips

Co Founder and Sr. Vice President of Product Development Robert Phillips brings to aapi over 15 years of  experience of successfully delivering  products and services. Robert is responsible for architecting and managing the day to day development of the aapi platform and technically delivering on the company vision. Prior to aapi Robert was Director of Professional Services for SecureAuth. In that role Robert developed a MacGyver style can do approach to solving IT problems that anything can be accomplished through hard work and writing great code. Largely self taught through meeting project deadlines Robert has become proficient in 20 different coding languages. Mr. Phillips has worked in the defense industry as well as Fortune 500 companies and was a pioneer in merging complex code with a world class user experience. He once again brings cutting edge technology and a seamless and intuitive user experience together in the aapi platform.

Robert attended University of Illinois and DeVry University. He has certifications in multiple coding languages, along with ATA Technical Writing. As a pastime Robert enjoys quiet dinners with his wife, and loud nintendo wii gaming time with his kids.  Outside of family time, Robert enjoys researching Apologetics, Intelligent Design Theory, Theology, and American History.